A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Disclaimer: This is a years old demo  at this point. The current game is far more polished and feature complete. If you like this demo, be sure to follow us on here, wishlist the game on Steam, and check out the website for updates: sososgame.com

SoSoS is a game of block stacking set in an exuberant, colorful world. Build towers, but make sure they are stable and don't topple over. Knock them over with the wrecking ball and cause havoc. Correctly answer quiz questions from a 80s game show host and get rewarded with fat stacks of cash. Survive an invasion of aquariums led by a giant fish general. Ascend higher and higher, until you achieve the ultimate tower.

SoSoS supports two player co-op and split screen versus.

SoSoS is a work in progress. This build is fully playable, and is a great slice of the game. If you would like to submit suggestions or if you find bugs, check out the community page for the game below.

Update history:

v.0.2: Tons of bug and usability fixes. Removed animated borders. Added desert environment to pyramid levels.

Thanks to your support, we've been successfully Greenlit! We're excited to bring the full game to Steam, Itch, PS4, and other platforms! Stay tuned!





SoSoS-WIN-v.0.2.zip 38 MB
SoSoS-MAC-v.0.2.zip 44 MB
SoSoS-LIN-v.0.2.zip 41 MB