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Turtle Trax

A great possibility space. Drive in any direction and find a new track, just don't turn back. Don't flip onto your back either, because you are a turtle. Do sick stunts. Don't walk too far from your car. Do eat strawberries. Don't hit the rocks. Do fiddle with the traffic cones.

Controls (XBox/Keyboard):

  • A / Up arrow - Move Forward0
  • B / Back arrow - Reverse
  • X / Space bar - Eject from car
  • Left stick / WASD / Arrow Keys - Move / Rotate

Made on Train Jam 2019 by:

  • Chris Smith (@lunoland) - Environment Pixel Art
  • Kartik Kini (@kkiniaes) - Turtle and Car Pixel Art
  • Anthony Tesija (@antontesh) - Traffic Cone Pixel Art
  • Ian Sundstrom (@iansundstrom) - Other things

A Stretchy Boys Collective title.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorHerringbone Games
TagsDriving, Exploration, Procedural Generation, stretchy-boys, trainjam2019


TurtleTrax.zip 19 MB


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i go slow and then i go fast and then i hit the jump-boost : )

i thought this was "turtle tax" and it was about tax fraud.